Here at SG Academy of Fencing, we ensure students of all age feel at home and encouraged to excel! We believe that the values imparted and learnt through Fencing applies to life outside sports, and our goal to develop outstanding fencers with great characters. .

How we do it?

Regardless of whether you are taking up fencing leisurely or competitively, we have the classes to suit your needs.

Our classes are conducted by our team of Coaches. Comprising of current and past Singapore National Senior Athletes and Foreign Coaches with international coaching experience! We provide professionalized fencing training by incorporating experience and knowledge gained from training consistently with the Singapore National Team, and overseas training with powerhouse Fencing Nations such as Korea, China, France, Germany and more! We believe in constantly seeking self-improvement, striving to provide the best training for our fencers!

  • Honor and Respect.
  • Physical, Mental & Emotional Stimulation
  • Enhances Your Analytical Abilities.
  • Relieves Stress

Why we do it?

Our aim and mission is to develop and nurture Fencers in Singapore, providing them with the training and environment needed to meet their personal goals be it locally or internationally. We hope to promote Fencing as a sport to a wider audience in Singapore, as the saying goes, "Good things must share!" right?