Kids Class (Under 12)

Children will learn the fundamentals of fencing in a fun and inclusive environment, they will be introduced to games that are specially designed to improve their strength, co-ordination, agility & spatial awareness.

They will also be taught lifelong values such as Respect, Integrity, Perseverance and Empathy.

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Development Class

Intrigued by the idea of sword fighting? Looking for a physical yet mentally stimulating sport to keep in shape?

Keen to pick up an interesting sport to fulfil your Co-Curricular Activity requirements and make new friends at the same time? Just started embarking on your journey to be the best fencer you can be?

This is the class for you!

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Intermediate Class

Equipped with the basic foundation and knowledge of fencing, fencers are taught and introduced to the more competitive stage of fencing. They will learn complex tactical strategies and be taught on how best to incorporate them into their fencing bouts. Basic sport sciences and physical training will be introduced to help improve fencer's performance.

Intensity of training will be stepped up, designed to provide fencers the preparation they require to compete at the club or school level!

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Advance Class

A high performance class for fencers competing at the national and international level. Training programmes are individualized and tailored according to fencer's personal goals. Fencers will undergo periodic physical training specially tailored to improve fencing performance, controlled tactical stimulation & practice, technical grinding and more.

Sport Science (Such as Periodization, Psychology, Video Analysis, Recovery Techniques) will be regularly incorporated to maximize the development of the fencer.

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